Does Flat Belly Tea Really Work?

The fitness industry is literally bursting at the seams with “quick fix” weight loss products. Currently, one of the most in-demand products is flat belly tea. With so much attention, we have to ask: Does flat belly tea really work? While there are some benefits to drinking these types of beverages, the results are often exaggerated. With that being said, are they even worth buying?

Potential Health Benefits of Flat Belly Tea

Most flat belly teas contain some sort of flavonoids and antioxidants, as well as a certain level of caffeine. Each of these things is conducive to weight loss.
Flavonoids, like Flavones, are often found in fruits and vegetables. They can reduce your risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, and ease symptoms associated with asthma.
Antioxidants, like Catechins, can do all of the things mentioned above as well as decrease inflammation and provide you with healthier, clearer skin. Catechins may also have some effect on metabolism and weight loss.

Caffeine is the element where most of the potential weight loss benefits of flat belly tea come in. Caffeine is a proven metabolism and energy booster that can temporarily increase the rate of fat loss.

Does Flat Belly Tea Really Work?

Now we know that flat belly tea does have some benefits to offer us, but is it worth buying?
One study had 60 obese people follow a standardized diet for 12 weeks. During this time period, half of them regularly drank green tea while the other half drank a placebo. At the end of the 12-week study, the group that consumed green tea lost 7.3 more pounds than the placebo group.
Aside from the benefits of caffeine, one clear way that flat belly tea can help you lose weight is by using it to replace high-calorie beverages. If you’re someone that drinks soda regularly, choosing tea instead can significantly reduce the number of calories that you consume each day, helping you to lose weight.
With that being said, without sticking to a clean diet, flat belly tea will not make a significant difference in your weight or appearance. If you continue to eat poorly, no amount of tea will help you. It’s not an effective form of weight loss on its own. However, when combined with a proper diet and regular exercise regimen, it can be a useful tool to speed up weight loss.
Nothing Can Replace Proper Diet & Regular Exercise